Client Testimonials

"If you have searched & searched for an outstanding & brilliant, humble physician willing to listen to you, work collaboratively with you, with incredible compassion (so so rare), then search no further. Dr. Holtzer has been an answer to so many of my prayers. He has helped to uncover the root cause of my lengthy autoimmune disease, connect all of the dots, & put together an incredibly smart & logical plan to put my health back together. He is so willing to listen to your theories about your health, explain each step thoroughly, all science based, with his incredible knowledge & intuition. He has more compassion than I have ever seen in a lifetime of physicians. In 2 short weeks, he has already walked me through some of my lowest moments that I pray I will face on this health journey. Before meeting with Dr. Holtzer, I thought I was just going to have to accept living my life feeling awful & afraid, but now I am already looking forward to living a full and healthy life with my family again."


 LuAnn S.

"I met with Dr. Karl to discuss pain that I was having in my hips that had been diagnosed as arthritis a few months prior.  It was a burning pain that was not relieved with massage, heat, ice, exercise, yoga, creams/gels for pain, and only temporary relief with pain medications which I do not like to take. I wanted to try a holistic natural way and went to Dr. Karl to discuss a different approach, Functional Medicine.


He suggested that I try an elimination diet.  I am a vegetarian, so I already was not eating meat or dairy.  I began by totally eliminating eggs, soy, wheat/gluten, sugar/chocolate, alcohol, shellfish, and caffeine (green tea) for three weeks. To my surprise, by the end of the first week, my pain had already completely subsided! I have added back eggs, shellfish and chocolate, each one separately for 3 days with no change, so I will continue to add back each food until I get an adverse reaction and it is apparent which food is the trigger. I am so happy with the results and would recommend the elimination diet to anyone that suffers with chronic pain."


D. Oshop

"I’ve had the privilege of knowing Dr. Holtzer for almost four years. He is my colleague in the functional medicine field as well as serving as my daughter’s functional pediatrician. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Holtzer! He is a brilliant and thorough physician that uses his decades of experience to offer the highest quality care to every one of his patients. Along with his functional medicine expertise, Dr. Holtzer is the most sincere and caring physician I have encountered. He truly listens to his patients’ cares and concerns and addresses them in a way that makes them feel validated and important.


I have trusted him with my daughter’s health and refer my clients needing more in depth care to Dr. Holtzer. Your search for a great functional medicine physician ends when you meet Dr. Holtzer! I hold Dr. Holtzer in the highest regard and recommend him to anyone looking for answers to their health problems."


Sarah Morgan, M.Sc.
The Gene Queen
Functional Medicine Nutritionist


"Dr. Holtzer is one of the kindest, gentlest people I have ever met. I've never felt more comfortable in a doctor's office. You instantly know you are in the care of someone who is dedicated to you and your well-being. My children--make that my whole family--adore him. He treats his patients like members of his own family--always available to answer questions and to help in any way possible. He has my total trust."


Kerry Shahen Frank

"Dr. Holtzer is unlike any other doctor that I’ve been to. His comprehensive approach to my care has been unmatched by any other. He looks at me as a complete person and has put the pieces of my complex puzzle together. I feel like other doctors over specialize and nobody stops to talk to each other to discuss my case. Dr. Holtzer’s attention to detail and ability to solve complex problems are unmatched."


Bill H.